XL Soy Candle

Net candle weight 1kg


All candles produced by Black Veil Candles made in Geelong, Australia and are made only from the highest quality soy wax and premium fragrances. our candles are made when ordered to guarantee the highest quality. each candle has the maximum safe amount of fragrance load. 


Some fragrances are stronger than others and may be suited better to smaller or larger rooms. Regularly rotate your candle fragrances to stop nose blinding,

What is nose blinding: If you use one fragrance all the time you may eventually struggle to smell it.


XL Soy Candles

  • Set in a stylish French monaco clear container, adds a touch of elegance topped with your favourite Black Veil Fragrance.

    Black Veil Large Soy Candles
    Candle Net Weight: 1kg
    Burn Time: 150 Hours