Black Veil Candles
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My name is Rie, Black Veil Candles started in early 2019. We are based in Geelong, Australia. I love candles, crystals and anything gothic ! With the love and support from Martin my gorgeous partner in crime we made the decision to start making my passion come alive... many months of planning we finally took the leap and opened our online store.. along side our kids all 5/6 of them at home with us . My hopes are to share my love of skulls crystals gothic theme candles with you, Hope you love them just as much as i do. We still love all types of candles we have available and will continue these .we cater for all tastes !!. 

Thank you so much Rie, Martin, and the 5 CEOS!!

We use the highest quality products to ensure your candles are perfect in every way. 

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Black Veil Candles